Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are the ultimate beauty accessory for today’s busy women. There are so many benefits to wearing the Angel Enjoy lashes extensions. You may well become a total lash addict and join the countless woman that enjoy sexy bedroom eyes 24/7.

Your eyes, the window to your soul, deserve the absolute best look.


Flirty Lashes are thoughtfully added to the corner of the eyes to subtly enhance your lashes and accentuate the corner of your eyes only. For your most natural full set we recommend our natural set. $110
Natural Designed to give you longer and thicker lashes while still looking conservative. Perfect for lash newbies (70% of lashes covered). $220
Angel Enjoy Semi Glam Set of 70 lashes per eye. One of our most loved set that will transform your eyes with lifted, thicker, longer lashes. $245


Refill:up to 30 lashes per eye. Recommended every 2-3 weeks. Must have 50% of initial set remaining. A refill is needed to fill in any lashes that have fallen out. Refills average 30 minutes to one hours. $65
to $100

How are individual eyelashes applied?

The entire process begins by working with a specialist to choose a desired look. Single strands of synthetic eyelashes are applied to make a natural eyelash and are applied to each one at a time to create more beautiful, long and full lashes.

how much time will it take to get my false eyelashes?

A standard appointment can take nearly 100 minutes for a new full set.

Will water ruin my lashes?

Water won’t destroy the lashes but we do have some tips of lash care. 48 hours after the extensions are applied they can get wet.